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Being the Future You

Have you ever noticed that as you begin or progress on your chosen path of personal development, there seems to be a list of things that you will have, or be, or know, when you 'get there', that you feel you are missing at present?...In fact, isn't the whole point of a personal development journey to get somewhere or attain some state or thing that currently is out of reach? To strive for ideals, to move toward the life of your dreams, to find or develop in yourself something that wasn't there before?...

What if, however, we are looking at it all wrong? What if instead we have to BE the things we want to be, so that the LIFE we want can be attracted to us? This is not a new or revolutionary concept, yet many people take it with a grain of salt and do not realize the true power of this mind-shift.

For example, we have all heard Ghandi's famous saying 'BE the change you wish to see in the world,' and the phrase 'peace begins with me,' but have we really taken it to heart and put that principle into play? With respect to peace, it means that you CHOOSE PEACE when faced with confrontation. This is not far away, war-based talk - it's about you, today, in your life. The everyday confrontations that you face such as your ex-spouse pushing your buttons, or the driver who cuts you off, or your kids fighting; these are your personal trigger situations in which you have to value peace and choose peace and demonstrate peace, for peace to truly begin with you. It's harder than you thought, when put this way, isn't it?...

What about love? You want to experience great love and passion, and hope that some day that magic will click for you, but what are you really waiting for? It's not someone else to come along or to change...the change has to occur inside of you. Unless you cultivate love and passion and deep emotion, how can you give, receive and experience it?

Many of us feel we are capable of so much more than we are currently experiencing - more love, more money, more freedom - without realizing it is US holding it all away. It's a confronting conclusion, and it's also true. As someone wise once said, you cannot give what you do not have inside to give. Thus, in order to experience something, give it to someone else. If you wish to feel love, BE loving (your gift to others) and in turn you will feel love. It's not about feeling loved - it's about feeling LOVE. There is a distinction, and YOU are in charge.

Try this for just a day, and see what results you gather. Make a list of things you feel are missing in your life, then try giving those things away by being them in your mind: be loving, feel free, offer others tolerance and forgiveness, give a little money or time away.

Alternatively, make a list of the characteristics you feel the 'future you' embodies, and then use the power of your imagination to feel and be those things as you go about your day. FEEL wealthy, healthy, happy, satisfied, excited, empowered. If you already ARE all of those things, just imagine what you can attract...why, probably the very things you are now wishing you could!


Aaron said...

Great post, Shauna!

You are so right about the fact that "being the change" is something that is well known, but not widely practiced.

Everyone is so busy with their lives that they don't take the time to consciously create a world where contentment is the norm, rather than the exception.

Thanks for voicing this and helping to boost the "be the change" process, Shauna! :)

Maddy said...

I love this post. Thanks Shauna!


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