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Why Can't We Be Fresh Every Day?

No, I'm not talking about personal hygiene.

What I mean is, why is it only around New Year's that we get contemplative, look at our lives with fresh eyes and make resolutions to change? Why don't we go to bed every night or wake up each morning and review what is going well, what we'd like to accomplish and things we wish to adjust? A year is an awfully long time to wait to acknowledge we may need to change something, and to wait again until we evaluate how we've done.

Perhaps we are afraid to look at our lives directly, and so we save it up until we feel somewhat obligated by the New Year's tradition. Somehow the thought of a fresh new year makes us feel empowered to make changes, as if we have a clean slate and a rocket-powered start. The beautiful part is the feeling that comes along with it...that wonderful feeling of having a new lease on life...another chance.

Why not create that feeling every day?? A NEW DAY. A new chance. It really can be true if we look at it that way. Each sunrise we are given a fresh, new day, and no one but us holds tethers to the past and the way things have been. We can be or do anything we want, and we enjoy the free will to change any part of it at any moment.

This doesn't mean you can run off over the horizon and leave your spouse and kids behind wondering what the heck happened (although you could), but it does mean that your life is not as solid and steady as you make it out to be. Everything is fluid, and you are keeping things looking the same by your habits and thought patterns. Imagine the progress you could make towards your dreams if, instead, you viewed each day as a clean slate and wrote on it what you'd like it to look like. This is more about feelings of empowerment, freedom, and happiness than about events or circumstances. If you go to sleep and say to yourself 'When I wake up, I want to be on a sunny tropical beach and have no worries for the rest of my life' when in reality you are an accountant with a wife, three kids and a big project due tomorrow, you are going to wake up disappointed. Instead, work on creating the feelings you want, and the circumstances will bend to your creative powers.

Did I say work? I meant PLAY. Play, each day, with creating more and more of the wonderful feelings you want to make up the fabric of your life. Explore and discover what makes you happy, excited, and puts that fresh spring in your step, and then create more of that. Don't wait until next year.


Happy For No Reason...now there's a great book title! This book is creating waves on the market, and for good reason. It comes recommended by many mentors I love, from Jack Canfield to Dr. Mehmet Oz, Marianne Williamson to Phil Town. As Phil Town says in a recent review, this book isn't about Pollyanna-ish happy sayings, it's about raising your baseline of happiness. I would say it's about getting the HAPPY first, and attracting the things you want by being your truest, lightest self - happy, healthy and full of joy. More friends, more money, better connections, better treatment wherever you go...you won't get these when you have more money. You'll get them - the money included - when you have the feelings which attract them. Of course, we've been learning this all along, but this is a cumulative process. Every book, every source of information which can say it in a new way and really get through to you is worth the investment. Each chinks away at the armor of self-defensive behavior, resentment and frustration, and habitual thought patterns which keeps things the way they are. If you go ahead and get this book, which is destined to be a classic in the self development field, enjoy!


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