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Checkmarks in Your Asset Column

What are your goals? Have you ever looked at your set of skills and talents and discovered you need to learn something new in order to accomplish your goals? Conversely, are you sure you have taken stock of all the skills and knowledge you already have, and are you using them to the fullest?

Sometimes, when we can't put something on a resume, we assume it doesn't really count. The truth is, however, that everything you have ever learned and experienced has prepared you in some way for the things you now attempt. Your set of experiences is unique to you, and very valuable. I will use a part of my personal history as an example, as follows.

Instead of going to University upon high school graduation, I went to work for my family company for a complex set of reasons. It was something I swore I would never do, and for many years I regretted my lack of a University education. However, I am an avid reader and learner, and have since come to realize just how valuable this is.

During my 10 years at the family company, I worked in almost every department learning the ropes, with the intention of someday taking over. I started at reception, worked in accounting and order entry; I participated in the creation of an inventory control system as the company grew. I edited company literature and advertising, wrote copy for new products and ads; I created complex schedules for the processing department and tested products in the lab. I responded to customer inquiries and liaised with hundreds of wholesale and retail customers. I worked on projects for the VP's and helped balance their schedules. I attended trade shows and manufacturing plants on the company's behalf. Essentially, I grew my knowledge about every aspect of how a business works, from planning and logistics to marketing, at the same time polishing my professional skills.

During these years, I often felt a funny combination of resentment and guilt: I hated the work I was doing and felt under-appreciated. At the same time I received benefits not everyone else had, such as a company car, for which I felt guilty. I worked extremely hard because I felt I had something to prove; to show I wasn't just 'the boss's daughter.' What I failed to appreciate until now was how much I was LEARNING. My family gave me a precious gift and I'm not sure they realized the extent of it; I know for certain that I did not.

What has led to this insight is the re-reading of Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. In it, he advises that anyone who wants to truly control their financial future needs to have at least a basic understanding of financial subjects such as accounting and numbers, tax laws, sales and marketing, etc.. All of these go into making up a person's 'financial IQ.'

Well, guess what? I already have this knowledge base. I do not have to go out and study these subjects in my spare time. So while I may not have an accounting degree I can put on a resume, my 'real world' experience has prepared me PERFECTLY for the mission I am on. I couldn't have done it better had I planned it! I am newly - deeply - grateful for all this knowledge.

Combined with my ability to devour books at a rapid pace, I see more and more that I am a well-educated person, albeit of the self-educated variety. I no longer resent not having a University degree, particularly because I do not want or need anyone to hire me. I know that my skillset is absolutely right for my needs, and the Universe really does know what it's doing!

How many checkmarks have you missed putting in your asset column?

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