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Can I Trust You?...

A Strange Dilemma

I have always thought of myself as a trusting person. Some might even say I am a bit naive - TOO trusting. I'm always looking for the best in people, and giving others the benefit of the doubt. Even when faced with proof that someone is acting like a scoundrel, I tend to not believe it, or to think that in their own minds they feel justified for doing so, and that no harm is meant.

Strangely enough, when it comes to business dealings, I have a different mindset. I tend to invest in projects which require hands-on responsibility, so that I may retain control. One brilliant way to acheive financial independence, however, is to own businesses or investments which throw off positive PASSIVE cashflow. Passive means I DON'T WORK for the money. I have found - and am exploring the reasons behind why - that I always gravitate towards things which do not involve other people's work or insider access. I realize to my dismay that it is because I don't trust people. If I leave you in charge of my store front, who is to say you won't be tempted to steal from me? If I allow you access to my accounts, how do I know you will not use that information to cheat me or hurt me? What if I hire you to re-stock my merchandise or count my money...how can I know you won't skim a little off the top?

While it is intelligent to be prudent in our business dealings, and naivete is not an asset in the business world, I believe this goes deeper than simple street smarts. If I have a basic mistrust of humanity in general, I hold myself back from owning and operating larger businesses where delegation is a necessity. I am also putting up a psychological wall which prevents me from things I'm not even aware of..better relationships? Enriching and profitable new business experiences? Who knows?

So What's the Solution?

Part of being successful is being willing to look at our own limiting beliefs, explore them and break through the barriers they represent. I am not sure yet whether this mistrust I have noticed serves me well or not. Certainly it keeps me from making foolish decisions with my money, but I will never expand my world as much as I'd like by controlling everything myself.

For now, I can contemplate my dilemma simply because I am aware of it. Hopefully, this will lead to insights which in turn lead to progress. So...can I trust you?


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