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Why You CAN'T Have What You Want

You want a perfect life! A great job, lots of money, a fantastic relationship or a trip around the world...Well, guess what? You can't have it!

Haven't you noticed that you DON'T have it yet?...What makes you think things are going to change?

News flash: things WON'T change, unless YOU do!

This saying has become a cliché, but it's REALLY true. Our outer worlds reflect our deepest thoughts and beliefs, and all we need to do is look around to see the results of our dominant thought patterns of late.

Some beliefs take longer to manifest than others, but everything forms itself around your internal world eventually. The world responds according to how you expect it to respond. For instance, have you ever noticed that when you 'woke up' in a really great mood, you ran into cheery, happy people who smiled back at you as you went through your day?

It's not only people who respond to the underlying vibration you are sending out...it's the whole world. With this in mind, below are seven key reasons you CAN'T have what you want. Read them, and then change your mind about them, and watch the world change!

  1. You Don't Believe it's Possible: Isn't this true, to some extent? This is the main stumbling block for many people. Perhaps you have some grandiose dreams, and you may have even spent some time creating pictures in your head, or goal-setting around the things you want. However, deep inside there is a part of you which feels like all of this may be just wishful thinking; that you are really just dreaming, and it'll never happen.

    Well, wake up! What a nightmare. Until you truly believe that what you want can be done, BY YOU, then your mind will not keep its' motivation, and you will experience frustration and disappointment.

  2. You Are Focused on What You Don't Want: Although you may have heard this before, have you really taken the time to think about how it applies in your life? To do so, you must vow to notice how you respond to input during your day.

    For every little event, from traffic lights to workplace and family conversations, you experience a reaction. What are you saying to yourself? Unless you sail about your day thinking - and really believing - only thoughts such as 'things always go well for me,' 'I love the way I get along with everyone I meet,' and 'I am meeting all my goals and I'm so happy and excited!!!', you may be focusing on what you DON'T want. This is typical for all of us, and takes work to overcome. Of course, the rewards in your quality of life and how things begin to fall into place when you do so are very much worth the effort.

  3. You Don't Know What You Want: Most people do not really know what they want. When questioned, they use phrases like financial freedom, or happiness, or a better relationship, which are all very vague. In order to move into the lives we wish to have, we have to define them - specifically. Invest some time and get really specific about what you want, and equally important, your reasons for your desires. The more you can delve into your reasons behind your want list, the more you will begin to see and define clearly what it is you REALLY want...which may not be what you think!

  4. You Are Immersed in Lack Mentality: While no one likes to believe this applies to them, we are all susceptible. Lack mentality is so pervasive and so insidious that it goes undetected. Our deep-seated beliefs about money and life affect every decision we make, however, and because of this it is worth trying to find and change them. One great way to do this is to simply notice your reactions to situations that involve the concept of 'plenty.' For instance, when you see someone else with plenty of money, or a brand new car, or going on a wonderful trip, how do you feel? Anything other than joy and happiness for that person, which stems from your knowledge that you, too, can enjoy such abundance, indicates some deep lack mentality. This is good! Only once you notice something can you change it.

  5. You Want It: Aha! This seems like the opposite of learning to know what you want, but it isn't. You can't have what you want!

    As long as you feel yearning for things, you are separated from them. How can you have it if you are separate from it? The things themselves do not come to you...you must attract them to you. In so doing, you become the person who has these things - not wants - and then you can have them! By the way, the first book in the Conversations With God trilogy does a great job of explaining this concept in more depth, as does the content in Bob Doyle's amazing Wealth Beyond Reason program. These resources would be a good start for understanding this important concept more fully and your life.

  6. Your Perceptions About Yourself Are Limiting You: We all carry around beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of based on our background and environment. When you were a child and your mind was like a sponge, you internalized much of what you were told about your own nature, regardless of whether or not it was true. Many people do not question these beliefs or even realize they are there; they simply make judgments and decisions based on 'who they are.'

    Who you are is FAR more flexible than you realize, however. You are not your cultural background, for instance; you are not good or bad at math naturally. If you are like most people, your life results are based not so much on your innate abilities so much as your focus and what you have been taught. What you have been focusing on and practising on a daily basis has been determining what your life looks like. Maybe it's time you changed who and what you are listening to...

  7. You Don't Consistently Hold it in Your Mind: Last but in no way least, there is the concept of consistentcy. In Joe Vitale's book The Attractor Factor (formerly Spiritual Marketing), changing your mind all the time is akin to ordering soup at a restaurant and then changing our order many times. Joe has us picture ordering a certain type of soup, and then continually changing our minds before the waiter or kitchen can bring us our order - of course we can never get what we want! We must learn to define it, then hold it in our minds as if it is already true, until our lives conform to look like what is in our minds.

Notice that NONE of these points has anything to do with how capable you are (or are not) or the actual possibility of something happening. ANYTHING is possible, and in this post I hope to help you feel a little more flexible, and realize that you can literally put your mind to anything, and achieve it.



Unknown said...

This is a very inspiring article. Thank you!

High_Life said...

Many thanks, Leo. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and hopefully there will be something in it that you can apply.

I appreciate the visit!

Warm regards,


Unknown said...

I liked your article. My main thing is that it's all about your perspective. Why does a perfectly wonderful day ends up bad? It's all about either viewing something as good or bad, but the truth is that nothing about it has changed except your views.

Unknown said...

This is an EXCELLENT post. Most "self help" books and articles take a piece of the truth and apply it to a specific problem. But when you really "get it", then it can be applied to all situations and problems.

Please see my post on this as it applies to health and diet.
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