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Law of Attraction: Law or Theory?

With the proliferation of Law of Attraction sites which followed the release and success of The Secret (movie and book), there is a lot of great resource information out there which simply didn't exist previously. Millions of people are gaining new perspective on their lives, increasing their personal awareness and exercising conscious control over their choices. What this means for our planet and for the next generation has yet to be seen, but I suspect it can't be bad!

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Whether law, theory or just belief, this whole subject is very complex. The concept is tantalizingly simple; what makes it complex is the web of beliefs and internal thoughts that we carry around with us, and which affect the situations and outcomes in our lives. Because we are all at cause in our lives, there is much to be gained from learning about our embedded reactionary tendencies. They are like blind spots, working in the background with great power, unbeknownst to us.

The way to shed some light is to really notice what is going on in your life...what situations do you react to? What beliefs do you hold, and have you stopped to question them and their validity in your life now?...You hold a set of beliefs deep inside about just about any subject or sentence you can think of...if oyu don't believe me, just say a sentence, such as 'I wanna be rich!' and see what comes up for you..then look to see where those beliefs may have come from, and if they serve your current goals.

Enjoy the exploration!


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