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Wealth: Make it Your Friend

Do you want to be wealthy? Not sure why you haven't made it yet?...You are not alone. Millions of people feel that they don't have the wealth they 'deserve', but if you dig a little deeper, they have exactly what their subconscious mind thinks they deserve.

Many people claim that they want
great wealth, without realizing that there are deep changes in mindset that accompany such large lifestyle transformations. If you are currently struggling financially, your life - whether you know it or not - is a reflection of your inner thoughts and beliefs. The beliefs that support your current life and circumstances have to change significantly in order to accomodate an entirely new situation.

The great news is, YOU are at the helm of this ship, and with some effort and growth, you can change directions...and go wherever you want!

Today's Tip:
Make wealth a word that brings joy and happiness to your mind. If underneath your desire for more money lies disdain for wealthy people who drive or walk by, or negative judgement of others who are successful or wealthy, you have some underlying beliefs to explore before you can allow prosperity for yourself. Work on discovering your thoughts surrounding money and you will make a good start toward your future wealth. A simple exercise to help: take out some paper or your word processor and ask yourself 'what do I believe about money?' You may surprised to find some strong thoughts coming up...write until you come up blank, and date your entry so you can return to it later and track your progress.

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