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7 Signs You Are on the Right Track

If you are reading this blog, it can be assumed that you are interested in personal development in some way...either for yourself as a pursuit, or perhaps as an exploration of the concepts. Follow Your Path is always about defining and creating the life of your dreams, which is, of course, a unique journey for each of us. Sadly, most people do not even embark on such a journey! But that surely does not describe you.

While we are all aware of the concept of 'thoughts create reality', or 'law of attraction' in all the shapes and forms this takes these days, we do not often hear about how we can tell if we are doing - or thinking - the 'right' things.

Of course, there is no right and wrong in this Universe, however there are sure signs along the way which can guide you. By these signs you can correct wayward thought patterns and adjust course as you see fit. Assuming you have already defined your chosen path, these signs can act as guideposts to keep you on it. The path may curve or get jagged, but in this way you can always be sure you are following YOUR path, and creating it anew as needed, versus allowing it to be a reactionary path as most do.
  • Appreciation: When you find yourself appreciating things around you on a daily basis - small and large - you are doing something right. This means that you are living more in the NOW than you may have before, and this is opening up whole new worlds to you, whether you currently sense it or not. Naturally noticing things to appreciate as you go about your day is a fantastic sign that you are on the road towards your dreams.

    The wonderful flip side is that you can encourage your dreams by intending to appreciate things in your daily life. If appreciation is something you are not experiencing, you can consciously decide to try and find things to enjoy and appreciate. Look for something you like about each person you meet, for instance. Find something beautiful in each scene you pass through, no matter how 'ugly' you may have perceived it to be in the past.

  • Alignment: How do you feel when you see someone that already has what you want? Let's say your heart's desire is to be very wealthy. You see a well-dressed couple get out of their limo at a fancy restaurant or an upscale hotel as you walk by. What is your reaction? Are you jealous or bitter, or do you smile and feel totally aligned with them? If you are after a loving, harmonious relationship, do you feel warmed when you see someone else enjoying such closeness, or do you think negative things like 'Yeah, sure, that'll never last,' or 'I'll never have that'?

    This is a BIG key to success. The more closely you are aligned to your goals or desires, the happier and more excited you will feel when you see evidence of them outside of you. When you view the world as showing you evidence that what you want is possible and on its' way, you are very close. When you feel 'apart' from it - as evidenced by jealousy, anger, resentment, etc. - you are receiving a big clue from your emotions that you are NOT on track.

  • Celebration: This point is all about joy! How often do you feel it? How much does your everyday life feel like a celebration? Do you wake up each morning excited about the new day, or is it a chore to get up and begin your daily journey? People who are concsiously creating their lives and improving as they go feel a deep sense of celebration. Life is exciting and fun, and even though they savor the present moment, so too they feel eager for the future because it is so exciting and full of promise. Both the present and future feel like reasons to celebrate, and with each passing day this feeling increases. If you find yourself using phrases like 'Things are never going to happen for me,' 'I wish I could go back to the good old days' or if you feel bored, discouraged or despondent, you can take heart in knowing there is no way to go but up, and YOU have the power to change everything. Change what you are focusing on, and your world will change before your eyes. Which brings us to my next point...

  • Gratitude: We have all heard that what we focus on expands, but do you really pay enough attention to what you are focusing on day to day, moment to moment? Each moment carries a choice; each new thought is a choice. We can notice what we already have, and thus attract more having, or not.

    The process of becoming aware is a function of awareness itself. We have to intend to remain conscious so that we can see our choices play out in our minds. Only then can we develop the habit of focusing on what we are grateful for and what we want. When we cease to react, we begin to create, and this is the power of gratitude. Soon enough, we notice that the majority of our thoughts are focused on what is wonderful in our lives and the further wonder we wish to create. In this way, we now talk about our ideal lives, act as if they are coming, and indeed we literally live our way into them. Nothing less will work.

  • Growth: Do you ever feel like you know it all? Perish the thought! The truth is we all have these moments, and they correlate to the point above which speaks about feeling bored. This is a signal that you need to start learning more immediately! On the road to your dreams, as you transform your life into the one you wish it to be, you will feel a constant and encouraging sense of growth. You will feel like you are expanding, never stagnant, and will know that there is always more to learn. There is truly joy in the journey, because the truth is we never arrive. More refining leads to new insights, which lead to new dreams. This is positive and fun - like an upward spiral. The more fun you are having, the more joy and excitement you feel, the more growth you sense...the closer you are aligned to what you want.

  • Lessons: When you begin to naturally say to yourself things like 'OK, what can I learn from what just happened?' you are on the right track. Because you know that you create what is around you - at the very least you play a part - you can always learn from what you perceive as snags. Nothing 'just happens.'

    When something 'negative' happens and you get excited because you know that as soon as you figure out how you contributed to it you can move past it, then you can feel confident that you are thinking in ways which serve you. Like all the new habits you are forming, questioning yourself (rather than blaming others) in each new situation is a sure sign of growth in the intended direction.

  • Opportunity: Are you now noticing opportunities and relationship dynamics you have never noticed before in your life? If you want to be fit, for instance, perhaps you are noticing myriad opportunities to take small steps toward your goal; you notice staircases you want to take rather than elevators; you see exercise opportunities appear everywhere. If you are pursuing financial wealth, opportunities seem to jump out at you everywhere - from conversations around you to news bulletins.

    This is your reticular activation system at work, which is the part of your brain that filters what to 'notice' based on the information you feed it. It gets this information from your thought patterns, and this very important. We do not need to know exactly how the human mind functions to take advantage of its' incredible capacity for focus and creation. The new thought patterns you are cultivating will have you noticing new things, including many new learning and achieving opportunities each day. If you notice this pattern, congratulations! You are getting closer and closer to living the life you envision.



gamy said...

Hello Shauna

Just want to say thank you for the'30 Days to Wealth' ebook download at PDP.

I love the ebook, and am half way thru it now. You have very good insight and ideas.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving day.

Gamy Rachel

HighLife said...

Hi, Gamy;

Thanks so much for taking the time to write. I really appreciate that, and I'm glad to hear you are enjoying the book. I'll swing by and enjoy your blog as well.

Best of success to you now and always.


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