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Gratitude Equals Expansion

Good day!

I'm guessing that anyone reading this blog will have expansion as an intention - expansion of lifestyle, expansion of financial means, and of happiness, satisfaction and overall well-being. Forging your own path means all of these things and more.

While many of us have heard that having - exercising - gratitude will help us attract more into our lives, few of us practise this amazing and transformative process. It IS a process, just like every other action in our lives, which unfold in space and time.

To demonstrate today how quick and effective this process can be in expanding your heart and your life, I propose a little exercise - perform if it you will! There is no one to force you; however, hopefully the future you are longing for is also calling to you, telling you in a tiny voice to just try this...

This little exercise is so simple and powerful, I once sent it to myself in an email, entitled 'To Shauna, from YOUR FUTURE SELF' and every time I come across it, it startles me anew. I open it, read it, perform the exercise because I trust myself (as I did today and having been reminded, I am sharing it with you), and am amazed at the flood of gratitude and sense of remembrance I feel.

This exercise combats the boredom people sometimes feel when they have committed to the habit of writing gratitude lists every day, but cannot plumb the depths to find 'new' things to be grateful for, and so end up just going through the motions. This type of forced but heartless activity does NOT create expansion and in fact feels like a chore. This is NOT what we're after!

Here is my note to myself, verbatim, lest I mess with the magic in trying to paraphrase it:

Have You Thanked the Universe Today?


Today's reminder is -- gratitude.

Sure, you've heard it countless times before...be grateful for what you have, and the Universe will send you more. But have you ever noticed how hard it is sometimes to sit and appreciate things, and how EASY it is to appreciate something once it is gone?....

Today, look around you and consider for a moment that you have lost each item or person in your life, as your eyes and mind come to rest on it. It will only take you a moment to appreciate it much more than you did the second before. Take a few minutes right now and perform this little task....and then say Thank you!! You are truly blessed.


That's it! If you let this work on even a few things which surround you, I guarantee you'll have a big smile on your face when you're done. The possibilities are endless as you take the time to look around you. I find myself saying, for instance, 'Someone took my windows' and then imagine sitting in the dark and remembering wistfully how much I loved the light streaming in. This is especially effective for me, because I sometimes complain that I don't have enough windows, ie. enough sunlight.

I once feared that by trying to be grateful for what I already have, I would in essence be settling for just that...I would be saying to the Universe that I am satisfied here, thank you, and I require no more. It has been my experience that just the opposite has occurred. As my heart expands with gratitude for how wonderful my life already is, and how beautiful and miraculous life is and our earth is, I feel as if I might explode from the enormity of it. This happiness creates expansion in all areas...I find more friendly faces, I connect with people and animals more readily, and I tell the Universe 'bring it on!' instead of 'I can't take it - it's too beautiful!' which is what I used to say. This expanded feeling, coupled with focus on my goals, has brought about radical change in my life, and I'm telling you from experience...prosperity floods to the person with open arms, NOT into a closed cup.

TRY IT, and enjoy the positive consequences!

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