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My Life and The Matrix

The other night, one of my all-time favorite movies, The Matrix, was on TV. Although I have seen this movie almost countless times and can pop my own copy into the DVD player any time, I still stopped what I was doing and sat down and watched in fascination.

Even if The Matrix isn't your kind of movie, you can still appreciate the concept of discovering a beloved film is on and the pleasure of watching it unexpectedly...right?

As I became engrossed in the storyline and characters - once again - I also enjoyed an underlying parallel of fun in remembering my own first-time reactions to certain parts. I can remember what it was like when the movie's full impact hit me, and how interesting it was to discuss it afterwards with the friends who accompanied me originally. I felt excitement and satisfaction at anticipating certain parts - like licking one's lips before a great meal - and I found that certain parts still made me think deeply.

The Parallel to Life

Remember when you first watched a movie that is now well-loved...and at every new twist and turn you marveled and sat on the edge of your seat? Or maybe you laughed, you cried, you smiled in recognition at the poignant parts. Whatever it was, it touched your heart and resonated with you in a way that it became part of you, and now each time you see it you enjoy knowing what's coming because you anticipate the pleasure it's going to bring you.

Maybe life is like this. Maybe we are simultaneously experiencing both the first-time viewer's thrill (through our 'me' selves) and the joy of anticipating connections, emotions and events (through our 'larger' selves). Perhaps our 'higher' selves are full of glee as we (our lower, present selves) navigate the circumstances of our daily lives. Even though we may be carried away on our seemingly-very-real emotional roller coaster, they've 'been here' before (ie. watched this movie), and they know how deeply rewarding each moment really is. Perhaps every time we connect with someone, enjoy a new insight, make a heartfelt wish, the spark of emotion - of life! - is like a gift to our higher selves, who I can picture just watching it all in total bliss. If this is true, it both lightens the load of everyday life, while also potentially deepening and enrichening our interactions.

In this vein, there is a recent post by Steve Pavlina, whose writing I always enjoy, about losing a friend and re-connecting with him. I was just going to quote from it, but it contains so many gems that you ought to read it for yourself. The content may not be for everyone, but the lessons should ring true for all of us. HERE is the post should you care to read it. In the meantime, enjoy your movie - YOU are creating it, and YOU are the star! Make it exactly what you want it to be, and savor every moment.



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