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Your Reality: Don't Get Used To It!

Do you look around at the circumstances of your life and feel elated and joyful, or like many, do you feel frustration at those bits which are not that way you want them?

This post is not about how to get used to your life (otherwise known as settling). No! It's about remembering something you may have forgotten, or perhaps not even heard of...a little concept sometimes referred to as the Law of Gestation.

If you are studying the Law of Attraction or perhaps seen the movie The Secret, you may have heard about the Law of Gestation. This principle works within our physical boundaries of space and time, and essentially tells us that what we are looking at right now as our current 'reality' is really just our past choices coming to fruition.

In other words, consider that the thoughts to which you gave power and emotion yesterday, and even a year ago, took 'time' to develop - to crystallize, if you will, in the physical world. There is a complex process involved in the way the physical world manifests, taking into account such things as your clarity of thought and intention, other people's intentions, and the ideas your 'higher self' might be holding for you.

I believe both Joe Vitale and Esther Hicks point out in The Secret that if we look at our current lives and assume that 'this is just the way things are,' we will get caught in a loop. Thinking that things are permanent and static, we will not realize our power to create otherwise; we will not look to the future and change our thoughts in order to create something different.

I don't pretend to have all the answers, however I do know that conceptually this makes sense and that if we remember it, it can relieve a great deal of frustration we may feel in looking at our 'present' circumstances and feeling dissatisfied. The key to understanding this principle is to realize that as you look around, everything you see is just your former thoughts coming into the physical. Isn't that a fun thought?

You have grown since you created this 'reality,' so be patient and let your physical world 'catch up' to what you are now thinking. Don't make the mistake of focusing on what you see, or you will simply hold yourself in that place!

Imagine things as you wish them to be, and HOLD THAT THOUGHT. Hold it, and enjoy it and refine it in your head until it comes to be in your physical reality. The end.


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