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Take Heart - You're Smart!

Do you ever have a niggling thought that maybe you're not smart enough to become financially independent? If you have a goal to be wealthy, are there moments when you feel maybe you lack the talent, or the intelligence, or the 'specialness' you think it takes to do so?

It can feel very lonely when you're reaching for the top, because often it seems like there are not many around you who understand or respect your financial (or other) goals. Unless you are among the lucky few, you are not likely surrounded by goal-oriented, encouraging mentors who help you be the best you can be and who believe in you and your dreams.

While many who are on the path of personal growth and development make conscious choices to be careful of who we socialize and interact with - ie. we watch our influences - it is not always easy. Sometimes the doubts come creeping in anyway. Our best defence is having changed our internal thinking patterns so that instead of giving in to those doubts, they appear as foreign objects or viruses to our well-trained minds, which attack and purge the doubts before they can do too much damage.

...But where did those doubts come from? Who told you you aren't good enough, and why do you believe it? Why is someone else's opinion more important than your own evaluation of yourself, even for a second?

If you have lamented that your road is difficult, or felt that somehow you were not capable of creating your dreams, take heart. Whatever your fifth-grade teacher told you has NO BEARING on what you can accomplish.

Researcher and Author Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D. proves this point to us in his fantastic and detailed book The Millionaire Mind. In this revealing book, Dr. Stanley explores, via interviews with hundreds of self-made millionaires, the factors that go into creating a person who strives for and achieves massive financial success. Many of the answers go against popular assumptions, and for an eye-opening and inspiring look at why you, too, can become a self-made millionaire, this is a MUST READ. There are many very important insights and statistics in this book that may change the way you see yourself and your potential.

Dr. Stanley tells us with clear evidence that the majortiy of self-made millionaires were told some time during their school careers that they were not smart and would never make it in life. Almost without exception, these people have faced adversity, discouragement by others (especially 'authority' figures) and setbacks. Formal education is very valuable, but it is not a precursor for success. While we have often heard that it is adversity that makes us strong and capable, this book shows us why and how that is so.

Also on this list of books that light the way for us by showing us what is possible and what it takes, is Robert J. Sternberg's Successful Intelligence. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have, and I'll see you on the road to massive success!

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