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Finding Time to Pursue Your Passions

You wake up harried, wishing you had just a few more minutes to sleep...but the kids are calling and they need breakfast, lunches, and - unexpectedly - a dozen cookies for today's class party...

You scramble into your work clothes after the briefest of showers, and rush out of the house with a nagging feeling at the back of your mind that you forgot something...

After a long day of working you arrive home exhausted, wishing you didn't have to even THINK about dinner, and hoping that someone will miraculously take care of it for you. Work out? Ha! That is for someone else's life, not yours. Eat healthy? Maybe when you remember...

You may even know what you 'should' be doing - how to exercise and eat well, for example - but the difference between knowledge and the consistent application of that knowledge is...well, the difference between your life and the dream life in your mind. Perhaps even hearing about what you 'should' be doing sends you into anger, resentment or denial...

Does any of this seem familiar? For millions of people, it seems especially women, this is everyday life. How sad! It does not have to be this way. We can all move toward the lives we want by working on our priorities. In a recent post about doing the 'right' things, it was mentioned that a happy life is not about getting everything done...it's about getting the important things done. There is a crucial distinction here, and it is such a freeing experience to finally 'get it.' You can't do everything...and not everything needs to be done.

Start putting your own happiness and the pursuit of your own passions higher on your list, and realize that with your happiness comes the peace and joy of those around you. After all, how much fun are you to be around if you are always harried and miserable? Try asking your family to get involved with solutions - what would they like to see happening? You may be surprised to find your family would be much happier if you all had less on your plates, and instead focused on having fun just by being together.

The trick is, it's not about finding the time...it's about creating the time by letting unimportant things go. We all have 24 hours in a day, and we all get to choose what we do with them. We cannot save time...we can only spend it wisely.


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