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Who, ME? I Can't Have THAT!

I was raised to accept less; to settle. My parents would be mortified to read this, and may, in fact, disagree, but the proof is in the pudding. I do not think I am worthy of the best. (Even in my mind as I type this, the little voice inside my head says 'Yes, I do! I LOVE the best!" )

Despite having made magnificent progress with my wealth mentality and my capacity to create and accept abundance these past few years, I noticed a distinct phenomenon the other day while out walking. I'd like to share it with you in case the insight can help you overcome a limiting belief that you share with me.

"I can't have that," is my limiting belief. Discovering this, I was shocked! Where did this come from? I certainly do not think this most of the time...

How I Discovered I'm Limiting Myself

I was walking along in one of my favourite neighbourhoods, and I came across a beautiful and unique house I had not seen before. It stopped me in my tracks and I was looking it over, feeling oddly guilty...as if someone was going to come out and say 'Hey, you! You don't belong here - get outta here!' I don't even know where that mentality comes from...

There are many beautiful homes in my neighbourhood, and I love lots of them. This particular house (as seen in the picture) is a little more unique and special, and there was something about it that struck me.

Then I noticed it was for sale! Now, here is the acid test of abundance mentality: my mind should have said nothing other than "Awesome! That's a sign from the Universe! How can I go about getting this house?" Can you guess what my mind said instead?...perhaps something like what your mind would say: "That's probably waaay more than I can afford. It's too big, anyway...plus, imagine the TAXES! They are probably about $20,000+ per year, and then I'd need a garderner and a full-time housekeeper, plus I'd lose my gym and swimming pool that I have now in my condo, plus blah blah blah..."

Ack! It was as if my mind had been taken over by the lack monster, whose job it was to show me 'reality.' I even noticed, as I walked down the street deflated but fighting myself, that I would look at other, lesser, older homes that needed fixing up and I would resonate with those instead. Now why would I identify with a crappy fixer-upper? Aside from my business instinct and love of fixing up real estate, there was a deeper belief at play here. Something inside me feels that I am not worthy of a fully landscaped, completely furnished, gorgeously decorated house with elegant lighting, an inground gunite pool and a waterfall. I haven't earned it, and I don't deserve it.

I thought I had purged all of my lack mentality. As this recognition dawned on me, I realized I had reached a new level which requires work. OK! I'm up to the challenge. I vowed to myself instantly that I would seek out things, places and circumstances I love, and that I would tell myself I am worthy until my entire self feels fully worthy. It's already working, and I can feel that old thought system dissolving away. Luckily, I have progressed enough to know how ridiculous that limiting thought process is, and I know that I will never have everything I want if I am the one telling me I can't have them...

(For those of you thinking, well you're right - you probably CAN'T have that - you're right - for YOU!)

Thinking it over, I notice that whenever I am presented with options, I'll choose the one that is slightly less. I'll leave the BEST for someone else; someone more worthy and who belongs with it. Ugh - what a horrible thought. Here are some examples which may help you identify any similar pattern in your own life:

  • When someone asks you what you'd like to do for the evening, do you choose an option that is the least bothersome and most 'easy' and familiar for all involved, or do you throw out some really exciting things you'd like to do? Sometimes a lack of self-worth is hidden within behavior that seeks to please everyone but self.

  • When you get dressed, do you always try and look your absolute best, and when you buy clothes, jewelry, etc. do you tend to gravitate to that which you really love and brings you joy, or to that which you can afford? We often broadcast what we think of ourselves by our choices in dress and in purchases. Would you feel more comfortable at an upscale, chic mall or at your local stripmall?

    This isn't about what you can afford at the moment; it's about what you feel you are worthy of. Even at the supermarket, do you pick the best, most luscious produce, or the measly lightweights...and why?

  • Relationships: From whom you find attractive to the person you develop a relationship with, your choices speak of your mentality. For instance, when I see a handsome gentleman I think I could impress or be the equal of, I feel sexy and empowered and I have no qualms giving him a second look as I walk by. If I see a super-good looking guy who is well-dressed and has a look that I feel almost intimidated by, I'll look down...I will not want him to notice me, and I'll assume he wouldn't anyway. He'd like a gorgeous, rich, tall, skinny and blonde Swedish model type, I'll tell myself. How bizarre! Now I realize there are many issues being manifested here, such as class mentality (perish the thought), natural selection, etc.. It's the issue of self-worth - of thinking there are men or any people who are too good for me - that I am addressing.

So. I have been left with a refined taste and appreciation for the exquisite things in life, coupled with a little voice in my head which assures me I can never have them. How daunting! Well, not for long. I can guarantee you now that I've found this limiting belief system, I'll purge it.

This is personal development at work, in real life. What will YOU do with your limiting beliefs...?

TIP: Have you ever heard of EFT? Short for Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT is a ground-breaking process used by highly skilled practitioners to help us bring up our limiting beliefs (which are often buried where they are hard to get at or even notice), and get rid of them. The technique is fantastic for a number of uses, and is based on the body's natural energy meridians.

Before experiencing this amazing process for myself, I was a skeptic. Having
seen the incredible, almost instant results, I am highly recommending you try
it, even if it doesn't make a lot of sense to you when you begin. Some resources
for EFT include:

  • Money Beyond Belief: The brilliant name of this program says it all, because that's what it's all about! Created by Brad Yates, one of the best-known EFT practitioners, and the wonderful Joe Vitale - aka 'Mr. Fire' - whom you may recognize from The Secret movie - this EFT program is specifically geared toward money issues.

  • Attracting Abundance with EFT: This book is by Carol Look, a renowned EFT practitioner with the gift of explaining it simply and teaching it to the multitudes. Carol has helped many people overcome a variety of issues.

  • ThrivingNow.com: This is the website of Rick Wilkes, an EFT practitioner who is passionate about his craft and down to earth in his approach. His site is an an in-depth and informative resource, with articles that explain the many facets of EFT and the possibilities for its use.


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