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$$$ I Need a LOT More Money $$$

I travel a LOT. It's a focal point of the lifestyle I have created for myself in the past few years, now that I am 'following my own path.' I have completely revamped my life, from being (what felt like) a slave-like 9 to 5 employee to living with freedom and choice...in fact, I am getting choked up just writing about it, filled with gratitude and the realization of how far I have come.

If you had talked to me several years ago, you would have heard me lamenting about how I longed for freedom and travel...and now here I am, living that. THANK YOU, past self, for struggling through all the challenges and doubt that come with such a creative journey. This is one main reason I write this blog - I want to share my passionate belief in the beauty and power of forging your own unique path in life; one which reflects your personal style and dreams.

I also struggled for many years with the typical challenges of wanting more money, and discovering the process of eliminating my negative beliefs and habits. I have come to believe - and experience - that money is abundant in this world, and I have huge wants and desires for experiences and things which bring me sheer pleasure. I feel no guilt about any of this, and I am very generous with my money. In fact, on a cruise I just returned from yesterday (see picture of my daughter jumping up and down on the bed in excitement), I probably spent as much in tips and gifts as I did on necessary expenditures. I am well aware that the people who work on such ships and live in the port cities are not wealthy, and I like to share kindness and money where I can.

That being said, I came across some BEAUTIFUL things to add to my Christmas list, and I am happy to say that I can look forward to choosing to get them - or not - when I have raised my wealth mentality enough that the price is not an issue. The point is, I need WAY more money. This is a good thing! It means I have reached a new level and now need to reach for more. This is not the blind and endless striving of the past; it is growing and stretching with pleasure and pain and whatever emotions accompany the journey. Money, for me, is one outward symbol of how far I have come in my abundance mentality.

**TIP: If you are reading this and thinking anything judgmental (selfish! greedy! lack lack lack), this is a fantastic opportunity to look at your OWN judgments and see what they may say about you and your mentality when it comes to money. I list some of my favorites below so you can examine what thoughts may come up when you see them.

The Ocean 'waterfall' necklace from Mikimoto: Oh, so beautiful. Blue sapphires and cultured pearls...and only $26,000! There is such beauty and creativity in this world, and Iwemust remember to focus on what we love and want, not on the stark contrast between these beautiful things and the depravity and lack that exists in the world. This is a lesson in focus, not on right or wrong, nor greed, nor generosity nor virtue.

Gucci Horsebit Ring, Smoky Quartz, Approx. $3400: How stunning is that? I loved this ring from the moment I laid eyes on it, and I shall have it someday. Either that, or I shall grow out of the desire for it...we'll see!

Necklace from the Marina Collection by Valente Milano, approx. $26,000: The picture isn't that great, but trust me - it's beautiful! Onyx, ivory, glittering precious stones and little gems...oh, how it makes my heart sing.

The truth, of course, is that we all love different things. My Mom hates the Milano necklace, and that's the way it should be. The necklace is just a physical thing, and it happens to bring me delight. We each have our own exquisitely unique version of delight, and there are enough people, places, feelings and things in this beautiful world to make the perfect recipe for each of us. All we have to do is get out there and begin exploring. Best wishes to you as you begin formulating your plan for the coming year...be sure it revolves around YOU.

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