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The Paradox of Time Management

The term time management has been bandied about in personal development circles since the '90's, and has come to be such a cliche that often people's eyes begin to glaze over when it is mentioned. Moreover, for people who have tried to tighten up their time management skills in an attempt to create better balance and less confusion in their lives and found they just slipped back to 'normal' after a short while, the phrase evokes frustration as well.

For people who work from home, time management is an important key to productivity. The beauty of working from home is the flexibility it allows in creating a schedule that works, but the flipside of that coin is that it is far too easy to allow the comforts of home to dissuade you from working. The value of clear goals, the motivation to achieve them and time management skills become paramount to success.

When I first envisioned myself working online from my own computer, I knew that consistency and dedication would be very important. I also knew that it felt like a contradiction to have to be so formal and demanding of myself when what I wanted was freedom and flexibility. I know, however, from the countless workshops attended, tape sets listened to, and books read, that people who succeed on a massive scale are those who are dedicated and work hard, at least at the beginning of their ventures.

The Law of Attraction tells us that we can make it easy if we choose to. I have created it so that rather than easy, things are fun. That, for me, makes it all worthwhile. I love learning and applying and growing, which is exactly what is needed in my chosen work environment. Time management skills, for me, are more about doing the RIGHT things consistently - ensuring I keep my commitments to myself - than doing 'x' at 9am and 'y' at 2pm.

If I invest the time to determine what the key activities are in each part of my life, including work, then as long as they are completed I know I am on track and I am satisfied that the job is well done. To my mind, it is better to have spent four strong hours completing the key tasks well than eight or even 12 hours messing around and not really accomplishing much nor moving towards my end goals.

Let time management take on new meaning for you, and see just how enjoyable and productive a life you can create for yourself!


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