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Laughing at Your Fears

You remember the saying about fear, don't you?...Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Or then there's:

Forgetting Everything's All Right
Failure Expected and Received
Fighting Ego Against Reality

...or Forget Everything and Run! When you were a kid, were you SURE there was a monster under your bed, or maybe in your closet? Personally, my monster was in a creepy crawl space in the basement, and it took me years to get over that terror, even once I realized how silly it was.

The point is twofold; terror - fear - can be a very powerful feeling, and it's usually not based on reality. Has it ever occurred to you that your grown-up fears might be just as fantasy-based as your childhood fears were?...

The sayings above exist for a reason. Even though our fears can sometimes have us cowering like children (if only in our minds), they are most often based on misunderstandings or misperceptions. When we pluck up the courage to look those fears in the face, we almost always find that we have been wasting our own time, fearing something that is either very unlikely or not even possible. Our imaginations are capable of running very wild, and they love nothing better than to get dramatic and blow things out of proportion. Have you ever noticed how quickly your mind can jump to a 'worst-case-scenario' picture when it wants to?

The good news is, everything can change. YOU are in control of your thoughts and your imagination, although you may not have exercised this control in a long time. What you can do when you harness your imagination is life-changingly powerful. Your thoughts are like tools, and can literally build the life and circumstances you want, as you craft your world around you with intention.

Anthony Robbins: Personal Power II - Anniversary E

When you take a step back and examine your fears without the swirling cloud of emotion that usually attends, you will almost invariably see how funny the whole situation is. For fears which are entirely ungrounded, this is often enough to release them and cause some new growth in your life. For some effective help with this process, try such fantastic programs as Tony Robbins' Personal Power (click on the image to the left) , or the Think Right Now! systems (both of which I have personally used and highly recommend.)

In situations where there is a very real concern but in which fear is a hindrance, there is always a better, more healthy way to handle things. Today's CNN story about a young man facing a life-threatening illness may serve as inspiration. A little perspective can often be enough to change our minds as well. Try reading Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning or the Conversations with God trilogy.

There is so much inspiration and perspective to be found in the stories of others, and we are all so powerful...there is never a reason for fear. Laugh at your fears like you do about the monster under the bed, and you will be on your way to forging your own unique and rewarding path in life. Learn to take control of your emotions and reap the rewards!

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