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The Outrage Script and Abundance Mentality

How do you feel when you witness the abundance of another?

In a brilliant dialogue of Steve Pavlina's recently, I read about what he calls the 'outrage script.' This is a script that you run (meaning things you say to yourself) when you see someone spending what you consider an obscene amount of money on something, be it a hotel room, a designer outfit or a nice restaurant meal. It really struck me as relevant, not only for the obvious lessons about wealth and abundance mentality, but also as an example of how your thinking can and will change as you progress toward financial wealth.

It's really worth reading, thinking about, and learning from if you wish to increase the prosperity in your life. I also wrote an article about it on the Breathing Prosperity blog. You can read Steve's article here, and the subsequent article that explores the concept further here. Many thanks to Aaron at Today is That Day for the heads-up to this resourceful information.

P.S. As many of you know, I absolutely love and recommend the program Wealth Beyond Reason. The very name speaks of shattering people's beliefs of what 'reasonable' means, and because it involves a variety of tools and resources, it is another great way to work on your abundance mentality, as well as of course your TRUE abundance. Enjoy!


Aaron said...


I appreciate the link love and I'm so glad that others are helping to spread the message about the "outrage script". Even as well-balanced as I consider myself to be when it comes to having an abundance mentality, I must admit that by considering both large and small amounts of money in the same context has helped me think of financial concepts from a better perspective.

Also, you can use the same concept on anything; cars, houses, even clothes, jewelry, etc. By not seeing those things as "big," they lose their ability to seem out of reach.

Good stuff!

Theresa said...

I agree with the postings, and am thankful for the specifics - it's easier for me to change when I can substitute something instead of going cold turkey. :).

Most nights Mom tunes into Wheel of Fortune, and sometimes I'll join her for part of it. Watching those people win money triggers the same feelings discussed in the "outrage script" posts. "I know what I'd do with that money," and so forth.

I don't want to stop watching; I like solving the puzzles. Are there any hints as to wording, etc. for a replacement statement(s) I could use for when someone wins - or is it better to follow what the posts have suggested?


HighLife said...

Hi, Theresa and Aaron, and thanks for your comments.

Theresa, as far as 'wording' you say to yourself when you feel jealousy boiling while watching other people win money on a game show, it's more a matter of accepting the abundance you are witnessing. By using the abundance of others as examples of what is possible, we connect with that possibility rather than thinking it is available for someone else and not us.

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