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Personal Development Jackpot!!

Would you like to have a handy list of personal development resources all in one place?

The lovely - and ambitious! - blogger Priscilla Palmer McIntire has started what is turning out to be THE list of the best personal development blogs available to date. What makes this list so great is that most, if not all, of the bloggers involved in the list have been nominated by others, which means their content is truly appreciated and will be worth reading. CLICK HERE for the complete list.

Remember that no matter how 'far along' you are on your own personal development path, the moment you think you have no more to learn is the moment things will STOP happening for you. There is a universe of wisdom, small but significant insights and learning experiences to be enjoyed by reading the personal development stories on other blogs. The next thing you read could be the trigger that changes something in a positive way for you, and with each new insight we have we gain ground.

In this community, we all help each other reach higher, and we serve as reminders to each other is what is possible. We can stand on each other's shoulders, and in doing so shorten and enrichen our learning curves. As a group, we are very powerful and can have such a positive affect on each other and the lives of the countless people we touch...pass it on!

Also, many thanks to Peter at I Will Change Your Life for including a post of mine at his recent Personal Stories of Change carnival. Here is the link to the carnival article, which includes lots of inspiring stories. Enjoy!


Grayson said...


Patricia Singleton said...

We truly do live in the best of times. Any time, we need help or advise, there is always someone there with what we need. I feel honored to be a part of this great list of bloggers. I look forward to meeting everyone on the list.

HighLife said...

I am honoured also (to be on the list), and thanks for visiting here.

Patricia, you are so right. I am very grateful to be living in the age of the internet, and for this group in particular, as I can feel the energy and support and excitement from everyone.

Grayson, I added your blog to the list.

Have a wonderful week!


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