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25 Random Things You Didn't Know About Me

I've been tagged at least twice now for this little meme that is going around...so I guess it's time I addressed it. Originally my friend Ellie Walsh of LivingtheLawofAttraction.com tagged me, so I'll give her credit here. :)

...Of course these things are never random, are they? If we choose to make a list, we are still making decisions about what we want people to see or know...and of course people don't really care that much, so what's the big fear about saying things? Perhaps we are afraid we'll dig deep and say something we may regret or can't take back...because if we don't dig deep then it's kind of pointless making a list, isn't it?...

To help make up for you having to read a post about 25 things about someone - :) - here is a really cool video from youtube:

Without further ado, here are 25 things you didn't (likely) know about me:

  1. I am the happiest and most excited about my future I've ever been in my life
  2. I feel old and young at the same time - and I'm not too keen on either feeling, as I'm neither
  3. I have recently decided to not eat meat anymore, and I feel fabulous...lots of yummy vegetables and fruit and sprouts...mmmmm
  4. Exercising is one of my favourite things -- when I am walking or running or doing yoga or lifting weights I feel amazing and happy and powerful
  5. I have huge ambitions -- many readers here will know, but I want a LOT of things and money -- for my own experience as opposed to for impressing someone
  6. I also have big dreams when it comes to giving back - building with Habitat for Humanity, hurricane and flood relief, respectable places and programs for homeless people, etc..
  7. I gave up my volunteer work with my local Hospice after 12 years or so...I felt selfish but needed to focus on myself for a while and it was definitely the right move
  8. I am leaning more and more towards adventure and eco-travel - fun!
  9. I want to climb to Macchu Piccu in Peru, and hike/climb in Tibet
  10. When I say I want to do something I'll actually do it
  11. I am sitting on an exercise ball rather than a chair while typing, and have been for weeks - wow, what a difference (abs, etc.)!
  12. I have several books on the go, and although I love writing, I find I become blocked sometimes when I 'have' to write...this is my latest challenge.
  13. I have discovered that I love designing and playing with websites more than writing, but writing will bring me passive income (always my goal) so I'm at odds...
  14. My first real boyfriend - we were 14 - broke my heart, and I felt my first insecurity when he told me about the other girls he liked
  15. I'd like to prevent my beautiful daughter from feeling insecurity and comparing herself to other girls
  16. My daughter is the most amazing person I've ever met and I feel priveleged to be her Mother
  17. I am ALWAYS open to learning and changing my perspective
  18. My Mom says I blame myself too much but I feel I look for my own resonsibility in what happens around me
  19. I enjoy my own company and keep to myself a lot, possibly appearing anti-social but really just not needing small talk from acquaintances - I'm very happy!
  20. I actually love people and learning about them when I do engage, but I'm often busy learning about myself and my motivations, thought patterns and beliefs
  21. I remember high school fondly - I had a great time!
  22. For a long time I wished I was 17 again, but I now would not change places for anything (OK well maybe lots of money - LOTS)
  23. I baby my parents and need to relenquish this behaviour
  24. I don't like the status quo, being mediocre or being like everyone else
  25. I belive - think - hope that we as humans are in a new era of awareness and growth and expansion and that we can change EVERYTHING with the right intentions

There you have it! Thanks to those who got me involved. Have a fabulous day!


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