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Is the Financial Crisis a Blessing in Disguise?

Financial Turmoil

Companies are dissolving at alarming rates, people are walking away from homes, and corruption seems rampant in formerly trusted institutions. Consumer confidence is at historic lows as American industry scions teeter and fall, or threaten to.

With the recent financial turmoil on the minds of many millions of people the world over, it is safe to say that worry and fear have become pervasive. If you have not lost your job, chances are good that you know someone who has.

While job loss can be a devastating prospect, especially around the Holidays, there may be some hidden gems hidden within the difficulty. If you are able to take a deep breath and step back mentally from your personal situation, you may find that while one door is closing others are opening for you. This can be a time to re-group and gather your thoughts...to consider the path you have been on and to make adjustments as necessary based on your conclusions.

Often, in decent economic circumstances, people drift along at jobs they don’t care for, dreaming of someday starting their own businesses, or pursuing jobs they love and which bring fulfillment. Because of the steady paycheck and the very human characteristic of falling into habitual behaviour, however, these same people never take action on those dreams. Alternatively, they don’t act because they are afraid of losing their security and stepping into the unknown. Sound familiar?

Well, guess what? Many people are now being forced to step out into the unknown – that fear they unconsciously avoided has hit them full center and they are forced to confront it and deal with the new reality. Is it possible that this could be the best thing that ever happened to them?...

The Silver Lining

Throughout the literature and popular theory in the world of personal development and achievement, you will hear of the concept of opportunity hidden in adversity. Napoleon Hill, author of the success classic ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ tells us that within every adversity is the seed of an equal or greater opportunity. What does this mean, and how can it help those who are struggling to deal with job loss and uncertainty?

Think about your future and the future of your nation, your town, and your family. If your future has been tied to a large organization – whether through employment or investments – then much of the control has been out of your hands. The days of trusting a company seem to be long gone, however, and perhaps this is a good thing for the average citizen. For isn’t it a good thing when a person awakens and undertakes the necessary introspection - and subsequent action - to ensure their own financial future looks bright?

While it is never advisable to blindly jump into an entrepreneurial venture or to change paths without deep consideration, it is always a good idea to take a long, hard look at our current behaviours and habits. Are we taking ourselves where we want to go? Have we lost sight of our goals, or have we veered off our chosen paths entirely? Do we even know what we want anymore?

Hope for the Future

Perhaps this financial crisis will serve as an impetus to a fundamental change in the paradigm of popular culture.

Perhaps we can all give some long-overdue consideration to how we educate our children, and why we do not teach them the basics of money management and business skills. Perhaps we'll all consider how best to use our strengths, our skills and our passions to contribute both to a thriving society and a financially secure future for ourselves and our families. Perhaps there will be a wave of change which is both created by all of us and washes over all of us, leaving in its wake more aware, concerned and action-oriented citizens.

Look to yourself, and look to what YOU can do to turn things around. Look inside to discover what you REALLY want for your life, and then ask HOW can you make this happen? Trust, though difficult, that maybe there are bigger, better plans for you, and that all you need to do is orient yourself to that which you want, and stop focusing on the fear and worry, and the Universe will open some new doors for you. Maybe they've even been open all along, but nobody was looking...

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