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Analyzing Your Strengths and Weaknesses

We hear about the importance of assessing our strengths and weaknesses in many a success article, and this is an important subject to be sure. A key step in developing personal awareness is to know ourselves – to work with our natural strengths and eliminate or compensate for your weaknesses.*

This is a strength and weakness article with a twist.

Why not, instead of letting others determine and label your strengths and weaknesses, forge your own character by taking stock of what is important to you? What kind of person you want to be, and what traits will help you build yourself into that person, decision by decision?

The truth is, of course, that we all have an endearing combination of character traits and personality features which make us unique and interesting. We are all doing our best to enjoy and make the most of our lives, and we learn and grow at the pace which feels comfortable at any given time.

Even so, it is possible to take conscious control of our growth and learning, as anyone in the personal development field will attest to. This makes life juicy and exciting, and whether for you it means travel and adventure, artistic expression, volunteer work or inner, mind-based exploration, the result is always the same – conscious, choice-based living gives us feelings of accomplishment, fulfillment and the pleasure of growth.

With this in mind, here are some examples of a new type of strength and weakness assessment – my own personal list. Knowing what makes you, specifically, feel strong and weak is another way of looking at the strength and weakness analysis. After all, when you feel strong, centered and true to yourself, you perform your best, you give your best self to the world and you attract the best things to you.

I feel weak if I do the following things. Sometimes the feeling of weakness does not come over me until I have reflected on a situation, and sometimes it is immediate, depending on the circumstances. It is through recognition of these feelings and regrets that I learn what will make me feel wonderful, powerful and true to myself the next time I am faced with a similar choice:

  • Break a promise I should have kept to myself or to someone else I know
  • Choose conflict over harmony when I have the choice
  • Hold on to the treadmill handles
  • Take the easy road to avoid a challenge
  • Neglect to call or write someone when I ‘should’
  • Am lazy...I also feel that not being able to be lazy might be a weakness...I’m working on it!

I feel strong and centred when I do the following things, as examples. Some of these may conflict with the previous list, and that is partially the point! We all experience conflicts in our feelings and intentions, and only by looking honestly at them can we make better choices in the future, leading us to enjoy more happiness and peace of mind.
  • Get rid of my list of ‘shoulds’ and decide what I want from inside.
  • Step back and look at things from the ‘observer’ point of view and release conflict, the need to be right, and judgement.
  • Decide (remember?) I don’t care what people think of me, and just enjoy being me – expressing my joy and fascination without worrying what it looks like to others
  • Exercise in some way – whether walking outside, running on the treadmill or doing yoga, exercising my body never fails to make me feel great. I feel ‘back in the groove,’ connected, and whole, like I am doing what’s best for me.
  • Take time to enjoy the ‘little’ things, such as listening to great jazz, enjoying fresh flowers, stopping during a walk or drive to enjoy a beautiful view or wildlife.

If we filled our lives with moments of presence – of enjoying what is surrounding us NOW – we would live in perpetual happiness and appreciation. Isn’t that what we all want?...

*Note with profit that while most school systems teach children to try and balance their skills, the vast majority of successful entrepreneurs will tell you that what’s really important is to develop and harness your strengths and forget about your weaknesses. You can hire help to compensate for any weaknesses, but no one can utilize your innate and unique strengths like you can – use them and build them to your advantage!


The Power of NOW
by Eckhart Tolle


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