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Could God Be Playing Games?...

This blog is all about personal growth and development, and that can include a wide range of subjects, simply because life is so complex and diverse.

Today's post is about the larger things in life - the meaning of life and the Universe. There is no one here on earth who really knows what's going on, so for most of us it's fun to speculate. Here's a little fun speculation for you. It's not meant to offend anyone, just provoke a little thought or a smile. Enjoy!

the universe

Imagine you are GOD - All That Is, The Everything and the Nothing, The Universe - and you are all alone. Because you are everything, there is nothing else.

You are bored, and you want to have some fun and entertain yourself. You decide to create entire worlds - worlds so vast and diverse that it will keep you busy playing within them for millennia.

Within some of these worlds, you create sentient beings, who are actually YOU, but they don't know it, otherwise they couldn't have fun playing with each other because they'd all know it was just one entity playing. Interestingly for you, you can now 'watch' yourself through the eyes of these sentient beings, as you can simultaneously watch the entire cosmos.

Here's one little game you might set up:

You create beings on a hospitable planet, and although they are in essence all identical you endow them with physical differences, as well as a variety of perspectives, emotions, desires and tendencies. The beings on this planet are capable of free choices and can spend as long as they want, generation after generation, playing here (unless they happen to destroy themselves). The object of the game, although the beings don't consciously know it, is to overcome their perceived differences. Because they started out in various 'groups' based on skin color, traditional cultural behaviors and other divisive categorizations, they feel as if they are not only separate, but also that the 'others' are somehow lesser or wrong.

Over time, as the game progresses, the beings awaken to the fact that they are all similar inside, and they begin to appreciate and value their differences rather than letting them be divisive. Slowly, the groups begin to intermingle and to create offspring that is mixed. This, to some, is disturbing and threatening, and to others opens up exciting new possibilities and ways of connecting that haven't existed in the game before.

Then, in an unprecedented climax to the game, all of the beings realize that their outer shells and conditioned behavior means nothing at all, and that they are truly all connected, and in fact identical. Eventually, they prove this physically by all looking the same...they have been interbreeding for so long that they are now homogeneous, and thus all one again both inside and out. Game over! Time for another one.

Another game then:

Because as 'All That Is' you can create whatever you want to, you create a planet where there is a wealth of things to do, see and experience. You create out of your own essence beings with the capacity - the senses, the self-awareness and the free choice - to enjoy and play with all there is to experience here. You do not interfere, nor do you tell them 'what's up.' You simply sit back and lovingly allow them (you) to play.

The world is a world of the physical, and of duality, so that the sentient beings living on it can make conscious choices. They can know hot and cold and choose to create and enjoy whatever they prefer. They can know pain and pleasure and define these and seek them as they choose. They can choose to hurt each other or themselves and can experiment in any way they want. You may even decide to set it up so that there are other realms of existence they can think about and perhaps even draw upon - spirits? Ghosts? Multiple lives? Contracts with others before birth?

There is enough mystery on this planet to allow for many hundreds of generations of play, and for myriad theories to be formed and experimented with. You know, although they don't, that no matter what happens on this planet, everything is in reality 'OK.' No one can really get hurt because that isn't really the truth. In fact, from what may seem to the players like tragedy or difficulty, will often come - eventually - some of the best times and insights in the game.

It's all fun and games, even when someone loses an eye...


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