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Are you a Conduit for Money?

This is a really interesting question, don't you think?

I had never really thought about this before.

I have, rather, thought about money as flowing all around us, and often use an exercise to illustrate this to people (imagining the money passing hands in just one tiny block around you -- from the gas stations to the online and actual banking, to things being bought and sold...there is literally money [well, the idea of money] streaming constantly, in a swirl, around you).

In Joe Vitale's latest book he makes the following analogy, and I thought you might love it as much as I did. Perhaps it will bring some new 'aha!' moment that will have you rolling in money sooner rather than later. :)

"You are not a stopping point, but a conductor," Joe tells us. "Imagine that you are in control of all the traffic lights on a busy street. The cars flowing by are dollars. If you try to jump out in the middle of traffic and capture the dollars, you do nothing but cause chaos. Likewise, if you set all the traffic lights on 'red' in an effort to keep as much money as possible, you completely stop the flow of traffic."

This is a great way to look at things, and helps us remember that we are in the flow of ALL life, all energy. We are in it, and we are part of it, and by aligning ourselves vibrationally with what we want, and remaining open to the flow of things - money and everythying else we want - we can attract things with ease.

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